Announcement: Perfect Checkout Goes Free

Today we’re making Perfect Checkout free to everyone in the world. Currently, any WooCommerce merchant can sign up for an account, connect Perfect to their store, and immediately take advantage of all the exciting features our team has worked tirelessly on to make Perfect Checkout an incredible solution for merchants. 

What prompted the decision? 

The easiest answer I can give you is: I want every online seller in the world to be able to experience the benefits of Perfect Checkout. Even though we pay a team of engineers, have a costly hosting infrastructure, and higher costs than most traditional WordPress companies, I’m committed to doing everything in my power to make Perfect available to the highest number of users worldwide. 

It’s a radical decision and a huge bet – one I’m confident will pay off long-term.

How will you make money? 

We are compensated a small percent of the transaction fee from our payment partners. This is already a standard practice in the payments space. However, competitors typically charge an additional transaction fee or monthly fee (often both) on top of the processing fees charged by processors.

It’s worth noting that our compensation is minimal and will only be significant for us with thousands of merchants on our platform. We’re betting that we can onboard a much higher number of stores in a short amount of time with the strategy. 

How we WONT make money 

It’s wise to be suspicious of any provider offering a completely free service. It’s also incredibly important to me that our users understand our motivations, and trust that we have their best interests in mind. 

Let us be completely clear on what we will NOT be doing:

  • We will NOT sell any of your data. Period. 
  • We will NOT send you or your customers unsolicited advertisements 
  • We will NOT take advantage of your trust to make a profit. 

These are more than just promises. Protecting your privacy and maintaining trust with our users is critical to everything we do here. 

Will Perfect stay free?

It’s my intention to keep Perfect free forever with all of the current features we provide today. 

There are currently no limits imposed on any seller. For full transparency, it’s important to note that this might change for high volume sellers in the future. Because of our increasing technology costs with higher volume stores, in the future, we will likely need to limit our free plan to stores doing less than $1M in annual sales (or similar metric).

If and when that is the case, we will provide plenty of notice and be completely transparent. 

Whatever the future brings, you can rest assured that our Free plan is never going away. 

Will Perfect introduce paid plans in the future? 

We have been hard at work creating a whole suite of additional selling tools including: Cart abandonment, transactional email services, post order upsells, and many more.

We’re also working on integrations for new ecommerce platforms and services. 

Depending on our costs, these NEW features may come with a more traditional monthly fee. Remember, we are a business and do need to keep the lights on. For every new feature we introduce, we’ll make sure the benefits and price stay compelling when compared to alternatives. We’ll also include as many of these new features into our free plan as possible. 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Every decision I make here starts by thinking about what’s best for merchants. If you have any questions or feedback, you can always reach me on the chat or via email at 

I hope you’re as excited about this news as I am to share it. Thank you and have a great rest of your day! 

James Rowland 

CEO, Perfect Checkout

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