Does The Perfect Product Page Exist? Create a Product Template That Converts.

We’re all striving to be perfect. It’s a sign of our times, but it can also hinder our progress. Perfection certainly exists in our minds – the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect vacation. In the real world, perfection only exists as an ideal state, a Platonic form. 

The famous philosopher said perfection can’t exist in the physical world for those of you who remember your freshman year. We usually must settle for something that’s “really very good.” That’s okay! Don’t get frustrated. The internet and your online store websites aren’t in the physical world, right? Since we have perfected the checkout experience, let’s create that perfect product page!

Getting to Know Your Perfect Product Page

You’ve certainly heard that your landing pages are the most important pages of your website. This is true, but only if you don’t run an eCommerce site. Undoubtedly, your landing pages are important pages that can’t be neglected; but for an online store, product pages are the main act. 

Why? Because your product pages are where the music stops. This is where the game Is played. This is where users convert to customers! In order to optimize your conversion rate, you need to optimize your product page.

Good product pages require some work, perfect product pages require focus. Don’t worry; the effort is worth it. Perfecting your product pages will ensure users are happier, conversion rates are higher, and Google will (hopefully) rank your product pages higher.

“Knowing the importance of a successful product page is the first step. The basic idea comes down to two points: SEO and conversion optimization.” Trusted Shops (1)

What Can You Expect on a Perfect Product Page?

The key to a successful product page lies in the visual and emotional stimuli that help you capture your customers’ attention. And more than that, with these stimuli you get them to react the way you want them to.

What do we see on every product page? Pretty much the same thing, right?

  • Great product images
  • Helpful and interesting product descriptions
  • Clear add-to-cart buttons
  • Shopper’s insecurities addressed
  • Customer reviews

A good product page facilitates the customer’s next step; convince and convert. This is no reason to stick to a page layout that’s used in an identical form by other stores. No. There’s a high potential that you simply burn money if you don’t optimize the product page specifically for your store and audience demographic. This means a lot of testing and looking at Google Analytics. 

There are upwards of twenty million online shops currently vying for our attention. Just placing a product image, a bit of text, and a BUY ME button is not going to help us make that sale. (Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.) Each product page should be optimized not only for search engines, but also for mobile phones and the fickle whims of the marketplace. A perfect product page addresses your customer’s need — time.

“According to Contentsquare’s 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark report of 7 billion user sessions, the Average Time on Page across industries is 62 seconds.” Klipfolio (2)

How to Attain Perfection —  Keep it Simple

Antoine de Saint Exupéry said that “Perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.” The French writer lived long before online shops, but his wisdom certainly hits the mark here. 

After all that hard work perfecting your website and your product pages, probably 75% of the things your visitors put in their shopping carts will be left there. That’s not perfect at all. Ending your checkout abandonment is probably the white knight in our quest for product page perfection. The battle for sales conversions is a never-ending story. Just like attaining perfection, it never ends. 

The customer journey should be made as simple as possible. What are you selling? How much does it cost? Will it look good on me and fit? What’s the shipping charge? Answer customer questions before they have them. The best way to complete that sale is to simplify your store’s ordering process while offering more ways to pay.

“Product pages need to do more than provide an image, a cursory product description, and an Add to cart button: they need to sell the product. To do so, product pages must convince or assure users that this is the item that meets their needs.” Nielsen Norman Group (3)

Focus your product page to create the perfect sale and pair it with the most proven selling tool. It just works — perfectly.

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