Our User Privacy Promise 

Perfect Checkout does not and will never sell your sensitive information. Period. 

Privacy is extremely important to our mission and we believe you have the right to know how we handle your data. Merchants have a responsibility to ensure their customers’ information stays secure as well.  Here’s what we’re doing to protect your data and be a better company:

Our Commitment to Privacy is Legally Binding

Perfect is a registered business based in the US. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service outline exactly how we handle your data. Not adhering to our own stated protocols would put our entire mission and business at risk. Words are nice. Accountability makes them serious. 

Founded on Strong Privacy Beliefs 

When looking at web-based softwares, we know “free” typically comes at the cost of privacy. This model can have many implications in the business world. It’s likely that major marketplaces such as Amazon monitor independent sellers’ results and release similar products to directly compete with them. 

What about independent retailers? 

The TOS for most hosted selling platforms like Shopify, other hosting companies, free analytics platforms, and even most paid solutions, typically state that they have the right to use your data in ways that can benefit their own business interests (likely hurting your own in the process).

Perfect Checkout is Different. We forgo potential profits in order to protect our users at all costs. 

We don’t believe in the use of any anti-competitive practices that could potentially harm our users. Our platform was designed from the ground up to protect independent sellers’ information, rather than add another liability. 

Business Model and Mission 

Customer data is not and will never be considered a profitable business asset at Perfect Checkout. Our “free” plan is expected to be a loss-leader in order to help more people in more countries achieve their ecommerce goals. We receive a small processing fee on select transactions. All business interests related to our software stop there. Period. 

Smarter Infrastructure:

We don’t store any data related to your web traffic, orders, or transactions on our servers. We actually work with every payment processor to ensure we interact with the least amount of data possible and use bank-grade security and encryption across all systems. We invest in R&D in order to continuously improve these systems and employ leading cybersecurity experts to keep us on the cutting edge of privacy protection. 

Final Words: 

Privacy and security are important things to try and Perfect. That’s why we’ll be continually evolving to improve our platform based on our privacy centric mission. 

We welcome you to read more about our privacy information or contact us with any questions. 

Thank you for reading!